CIPP - Cured In-Place Pipe

CIPP - Cured In-Place Pipe

CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe)clients start at the grass roots level with several thousands corporate and independent plumbers performing repairs on home size sewer lines using a no dig technology that forms a pipe within a pipe. Large, municipality and utility scale users are also taking advantage of this technology. CIPP now represents about 25% of the non-wind epoxy sale and is growing every day.

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Rhino 1310T-LT Blue is a 100% solids, non-draining, epoxy system for producing Cured In-Place Pipe. It is a single resin system with multiple choices of either 2:1 or 4:1 (by volume) curing agent hardeners. Rhino 1310T LT Blue epoxy resin is tinted transparent blue, and the hardeners are transparent yellow, so when the system is properly mixed a uniform green color is achieved. Rhino 1310T LT Blue Resin CIPP systems have a proven track record in conjunction with felt or fiberglass liner materials.

  • Rehabilitates underground pipes
  • Cures very fast with mild (120°F) heat
  • Trenchless repair of pipes from 2" to 102" in diameter
  • Effectively lines pipes and drain lines with a 90-degree bend
  • ASTM F-1216 compliant, adding value and assuring quality in the CIPP process
  • Applications requiring less invasive pipe system replacement procedures
  • Municipal, residential, commercial markets (manholes and underground pipe systems
  • Trenchless, less invasive sectional point structural repair without digging
  • Lateral and sectional re-lining markets (homes, storm drains and sewer pipes)


Allow the composite to cure at the recommended temperature as listed in the physical properties chart (above). In the case of all listed hardeners, allow at least 6-8 hours at ambient (>65°F) or 2-3 hours at 130°F before attempting to return the composite to service. In colder weather (less than 65°F) allow additional time before returning the composite to service. In all cases, an elevated temperature cure of 2-4 hours at 120°F - 140°F assures the highest quality end product.


Cured In-Place Pipe (CIPP) applications demand a wide variety of Rhino hardeners which are available with the Rhino 1310T-LT Blue CIPP epoxy resin.

Rhino 1310T-LT Blue Resin(CIPP) with: Hardeners
3102 Yellow 3103 Yellow 3138 Yellow 3191 Yellow
Viscosity, cps 3460 2360 2460 2900
Parts Hardener by Weight 22 22 22 43
Mix Ratio by Volume 4:1 4:1 4:1 2:1
Gel Time Min (150gr) 12-15 30-35 50-60 60-70
HDT, °F 190 190 240 175
Set Time, Hrs @ 77°F 2 4 5 4
Cure Time, Hrs @ 130°F 2 3 4 3-4
Shore D Hardness 80 78 80 75
Elongation % 4.5 4.5 4.0 5.0

All listed hardeners cure very rapidly with the addition of heat, via hot water or hot air at a temperature of 120°F-140°F.


All hardeners reach sufficient strength for return to service after overnight ambient cure. The fastest Rhino hardener, Rhino 3102, is useful for winter applications, and in smaller applications requiring a fast return to service time. Rhino 3103 is the standard 30-minute system hardener used for 4:1 volume mixing applications. Rhino 3138 should be used in high temp applications (up to 240°F) and is 4:1 by volume, which is also useful in hot weather and for long or large diameter pipe runs. Rhino 3191 is the standard 1 hour General Purpose curing agent used for 2:1 volume mixing applications.

Rhino CIPP hardeners, 3102, 3103 and 3191 are DOT not regulated / DOT non-corrosive, minimizing hazardous materials shipping issues.


Rhino 1310T-LT Blue resin post cured at 130°F for 4 hours with all listed hardeners are compliant to ASTM F-1216. Listed properties are for typical epoxy/felt liner CIPP applications. Certification to ASTM F-1216 adds value and assures quality for firms using the CIPP process.

Property: Result: Test Method:
Hardness (Shore D) 85 ASTM D 1475
Tensile Strength >3,000 psi ASTM D 638
Modulus of Elasticity >300,000 psi ASTM D 790
Flexural Strength >4,500 psi ASTM D 790
Flexural Modulus of Elasticity >250,000 psi ASTM D 790