With the acquisition of the assets of Tobin Manufacturing, LLC ("Tobin"), Rhino Linings is positioned to be a major manufacturer of processing equipment and castable polyurethanes, epoxies and foams for high volume production.

Tobin manufactures two component metering dispensing equipment using positive displacement piston rod metering pumps feeding dynamic, static or impingement mixers for processing temperature controlled or hot cast products. This equipment is typically used for casting or injection molding cast or wheels, fuel tank liners, automotive body styling kit components, foam and elastomer filter gaskets, rotationally molded mannequins and myriad other parts.



Unique electric motor and cam driven piston metering pumps available in single or multiple pairs coupled with a Tobin air free dynamic mixer results in a compact and economical machine for continuous or intermittent pouring or injecting at flow rates to 60 lb./min. As with any model Tobin machine, the metering pumps have no metal to metal contact allowing the user to process filled or unfilled urethanes.


Polyurethane processing utilizing an air free dynamic mixer, positive displacement metering pumps with variable ratios from 1:1 to 20:1 for dispensing a precise shot.


The Tobin Dub-L-Bar is easily and economically configurable to process pre-polymers with curatives including MbOCA or HQEE with the addition of multiple heat zones for the pumps, check valves, manual recycle valves, hoses, mix head and tanks. Temperatures to 350F (176C) can be attained with no cold spots.


Tobin turntables are used with meter, mix and dispensing equipment to facilitate mold traffic control. The tables are available with or without a heat tunnel. Optional cooling is available via a unique hub mounted manifold that can accommodate multiple molds situated around the table.