The best in Rhino Linings and Coatings: Certifications

Our Awards

Best Polyurethane of 2014

Kodiak Industries is proud to announce they won the Best Polyurethane of 2014 award, beating out all other competitors.

Best Polyurethane of 2013

In 2013, Kodiak Industries came in first for the Best Polyurethane of 2013 award!

Accredited by the BBB

Kodiak Industries is recognized and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with good standing and rating of A+++.

What People Say About Us

I've been a Kodiak Industries customer for over 25 years. I love their products and the level of service was amazing. I'd recommend Kodiak to anyone.
I bought a 16 ft trailer from Kodiak Industries and I was surprised at how durable it was. Came with a smooth, glossy finish, lights were fully functioning, and overall I really can't complain. Quality investment on my part.
I applied Kodiak's Rhino Extreme lining to my truck, and it works (and looks) great. Had zero problems installing it, and now I no longer get any scrapes or scratches whenever I'm hauling stuff around. Kodiak is good in my book!